Perseverance is to hold fast. To remain dedicated. To endure whatever roadblocks come in your way and to push past them. Yet to perseverate is to ruminate on a subject. To perseverate is to get stuck in a thought or action. A cycle that you spin round and round like a hamster spinning fervently along its wheel. But to persevere, they must get off the hamster wheel. Try a new way. If they see a setback. They pause. Breathe. Then to try a new angle. Then to reach the goal and ride their chariot in victory! Arms in the air as they cheer their way into the future with sunglasses because the future is SO bright!

I guess the moral of the story here is that if you really want something, there may be setbacks. But perseverance is the key. There will be others that will offer a helping hand along the way. There will also be people who have their judgements that may make you question your path. But it is one’s character that is really the most important. It is how we react. It is about how we uphold ourselves and our own values, and how we treat others.

Perseverating on the why of not being where we want to be will help none of us persevere in where we are going. We must ask ourselves if we are the victim of our setbacks, or if we will jump over the hurdles to get us to where we want to be.

Get off the wheel, and enjoy the ride! -K. K. Powell

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