Spring is in the air and the death card of the tarot deck keeps coming up in conversation, readings, and events as of recent. The death card in tarot does not necessarily mean you are going to die or even that someone you know is going to die. It just means that some energy or part of you is dying to make room for something.

We are in the season of winter completing its season. Although for some, winter is hanging on with a fierce grip. As frustrating as it is… what choice do we have in the weather? In Northern California, we have had storm after storm taking out trees. We have had king tides. We have had flooding. We have lost power from voracious winds. It is the price that we have paid this year bringing us out of a drought. 

And as I sink my hands into the earth while gardening, I can see that the dead parts of the plants that I tried to prune months ago are now coming up with ease. My columbines are budding. The magnolia tree has bloomed. With time, I have watched its blossoms float away with the wind and rain, leaving the tree filled with newborn chartreuse leaves.

I thought about the things in our lives that we weren’t ready to give up yet. Where we fight the raging white water rapids only to find in the end that the waters will find a way with force through and cut through, no matter what assertion we attempt to enforce. Fighting the current in the ocean takes a lot more effort than swimming parallel to it.

The salmon fight to go upstream to spawn. This is because in their primitive mind, it is an automatic belief that the future of their generations to come depend on them. It is for the survival of their species. Yet some end up bruised, battered, and dead over the rocks. But for their species to proliferate, they have no choice.

Sometimes we feel like we have no choice but to fight. To defy going with the flow because our mere survival depends on it. We hang on to ideas and notions of what must be so tightly that the thread of the idea cuts into our hands, forcing us to let go. There no choice but to go with the flow in certain times, otherwise what you are attempting won’t work… leaving you or your idea dead on the rocks, so to speak.

Perhaps it is in knowing and trusting your intuition of when it is time to fight and when we must let go. Knowing when to harvest that spark of an idea, or to plant the seed and let the idea grow. But not to let it sit for too long, leaving it over-ripe and unfit for consumption. In knowing when it is better to step away and watch the cabaret, unfolding it in all its dramatic glory. And last, when it is time to let go.

The death card is letting things die. The end of winter, and the coming of spring. The ability to move forward without getting too stuck in the past. The adage of live and let live. Not my monkeys, not my circus. The certain ideas, notions, and rules of what we think is the absolute truth must die in order for a fresh path to be paved.

Just like the caterpillar to a cocooned chrysalis to the butterfly. Nobody ever asks it to come out before it’s ready. If it did, it would be a hot mess! There must be some respect for everything to come in due timing.

Cheers to a fresh path, alternative routes, and knowing when to let go, but also knowing when it’s time to fight. Happy Spring to you all wherever you may be.

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