Poetry reading from Jim Morrison’s Lost Writings: Wilderness – Volume 1

Jim Morrison, is there anyone more intoxicating. He is alluring to men and women to this day many years after his death. His mind was as deep as a well that he inked his very words from. Never being able to stare at the crowd while singing… as a writer I would have done the same.

Last week I supporter a screenwriter friend at a short film showing. I talked with actors, producers, and directors. I realized in that moment… I am not an actor. I am a through and through right down to the core a writer. Writers write the characters, creating worlds. Actors materialize them. I much prefer to create, while only materializing through inky messages vs. being on display manifesting one character out of it all. I like jumping from one character to the next, while creating their worlds around them. They turn and shift into something else. Perception shifts, I suppose no matter how you shake it whether it’s acting or writing perception always shifts. Perception can change anything. Like the halls I recorded the poem in… someone may think I was in the toilet while recording. Hahaha well, at any rate I would like to say I wasn’t in the toilet reading Jim Morrison. But now everyone will say, “Did you hear Keri read a poem from the toilet?”, but she made sure to let everyone know in her blog that she didn’t in fact read from the toilet to cover it all up! With laugher, it was a sound effect. I wanted to sound like I was echoing down from the cosmos. However, now I wonder how many writers wrote from the bath or the toilet? When inspiration strikes it can be from anywhere, can’t it? I have written down ideas in many places. I am certain all of us creatives have.

Back to Jim Morrison.

I wonder it Jim would still be around today if he wasn’t a show man all those years. What if he was just a writer? Would he still feel the need to escape? Or maybe if he’d still be around if the he realized the drugs and drinking were killing his creative spirit? A lot of people cope with alcohol and drugs to escape. What was Jim escaping from? I don’t know. I do know that his dream was to be a poet though. His songs were filled with poetry. He was a poet. I know some say he wasn’t… but what I have to say about that is: art is art. There will always be someone who likes it and someone who doesn’t.

It’s all about perception.

Jim loved that book from Aldous Huxley, “The Doors or Perception”. It’s actually what his band got it’s name from: The Doors.

Perhaps the message today for us all to ponder is thoughts on our perception of what is and what can be.

Tune in another time for morning thoughts.

K.K. Powell

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