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The Hummingbird: Physical attributes

The Hummingbird is an animal which represents a certain type of lightness, joy, and ability to be in the present moment. They are colorful, especially the male birds. They are filled with vibrant hues of violet, green, and gold which flashes like the flashes of insight from our subconscious! Their vision is sharp, which they can see in ultraviolet light very well in which some of us humans struggle for and need a good pair of sunglasses. Their hearts beat over 1200 beats per minute, whereas ours only beat 60-90 beats per minute. Their wings beat back and forth 350 times per minute. A humans stride? Far less per minute that this! They breathe 150 breaths per minute. We humans only breathe 16-20 breaths per minute. Now, of course, we are giants comparatively. But these factors go to show how fast these little creatures live, and yet their focus is so great that they seldom bump into us giants as we walk along minding our own business. Hummingbirds enjoy the sweet nectar of thousands of flowers per day and have a fantastic memory which helps then remember where all the little hummingbird feeders are. Smart little creatures, aren’t they! 

Hummingbirds and chakras they are associated with –

The hummingbird is linked to our third eye and solar plexus chakra’s. The third eye is responsible for listening to intuition, for dreaming, and for the subconscious. When this is in balance, our creative abilities are heightened. The solar plexus is much like the sunshine coming from the core of our being. We build heat from this space which exercise and getting out into the sunlight. This inner spark or inner flame can be used to explore creative processes, but if used improperly it can lead us to anxiety and over-indulgence. If you are tired or stressed out, getting exercise, going for a walk, building some heat within the body can be a great way to de-stress. It can also help spark new creative ideas whether it is for a project you are working on or just a challenge you may be faced with in general.

The hummingbird builds much heat through the day as it burns through its nectar while flying at the speed of lightning with its little heart and lungs racing along with it. However, the hummingbird has no challenge with staying in the moment, and enjoying the process. They also sleep during the night, and wake during the day much like humans do. 

Case study – Dream Decoded – Message from the Hummingbird

In my dream recently there was a hummingbird that was pecking through my hat. I removed the hat and set it aside and it continued to peck at the hat. We wear many hats. We are family members, friends, lovers, co-workers, creatives, etc. When one of these hats is a burden, it has the propensity to overflow into the other hats we wear. Stress at work… all the sudden the creative process suffers and sitting on the couch and eating pizza and drinking wine sounds way better, doesn’t it? We get tired. We don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything if the balance is really thrown off. We may snap at a loved one or a family pet when usually we wouldn’t lose our cool. Or it may be the dreaded email stating, “Per my most recent email “insert message here””. 

In end, if one hat gets to be too much take a hint from the hummingbird. Take the hat off and lighten up! Before we get to the point of no return, the hummingbird tells us to lighten up. Don’t get too territorial, pecking someone to the death. Work stress? Go for a walk. Clear your head. Do a meditation. Want to tell someone off who is challenging you? Speak in words of sweetness much like the nectar that the hummingbird drinks instead of speaking out of bitterness. Get enough sleep. Sleep during the night, and wake during the day. Meditate! There are plenty of ways to meditate including sound meditation, guided meditation, transcendental meditation, etc… I prefer sound meditation myself because it helps my hyperactive brain to focus and turn inward. 

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Human beings were meant to be happy and experience joy. We weren’t meant to wallow in a state of misery for all of our days alive. Try meditation, exercise, and most importantly CREATE! Human beings were meant to create. Use your inner fires for something productive, not destructive. Surround yourself with friends and family and socialize. Hummingbirds are social animals. So are human beings. 

Personally, this dream was a message to me reminding me to enjoy the process of creating when it comes to editing my thriller/fiction, writing poetry, and contributing content to my blog and vlog. It is easy to feel stuck when juggling so many hats and start to frame the mind set of woah is me. The truth is, it’s your passion so enjoy the process. Don’t let the stressors of one thing overwhelm the other things which you enjoy. If you start to feel you are nearing your breaking point, then take a break. 

The hummingbirds main message is to lighten up and experience joy. Take a break when you need it to restore. Don’t speak in words of bitterness. Re-focus on your goals, wants, and needs. Let your inner spark build into a flame to createsomething wonderful! Life is too short not to create wonderful things to share with others. 

-K. K. Powell

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