Morning thoughts with Rilke

Some morning thoughts with Rilke 🪟

For imagining an individual’s existence as a larger or smaller room reveals to us that most people are only acquainted with one corner of their particular room, a place by the window, a little area to pace up and down. That way, they have a certain security. And yet the perilous uncertainty that drives the prisoners in Poe’s tales to grope out the outlines of their terrible dungeons and so to know the unspeakable horrors of their surroundings, is so much more human. But we are not prisoners.

-Rainier Maria Rilke

We are mere humans, challenging ourselves out of our comfortable mindsets. Change is as inevitable as the tides coming in, and going back out. Changes are as inevitable as the moon does wax and wane. Until next time… when we meet again. 😉

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