Dreams Decoded – Mythical Creatures

Click here for the Vlog! A deep dive on dodo/Gryphon hybrid dreams and insights for current times in the last week of January 2023!

Dreams Decoded – Mythical Creatures – Morning Thoughts + Insights

When we think of mythical creatures, we associate this with the imagination. We associate it with a very healthy imagination. In the recent vlog, I discuss a dream that I had about seeing a dodo bird/gryphon hybrid at Charles de Gaulle airport in France. The hybrid bird stands well over 5 1/2 feet tall and it is inspecting me as I am inspecting it. I couldn’t tell if it was artificial intelligence, or mechanical or real. It looked so real as in inspected me as I inspected it. The dodo-griffin’s eyes were pearlescent. I have seen some sources that say that the eyes are that knowledge or subconscious knowledge. The eyes are the window into the soul. Pearls I have something of beauty. Reminds me of Botticelli’s Venus coming out of the water.

Birth of Venus
by Botticelli

As I mentioned in the vlog, the dodo bird is an animal of innocence which is hunted to extinction. The Griffin is a very powerful animal serving as a protector. The message from this dream was about protecting our innocence. Protecting our inner child. Protecting your imagination. It was a reminder to see the beauty inside of us and all around us. Afterall, we can’t just sit around and wait to die. We have things to do here! So many sparks of imagination and inspiration and so little time!!!

Marie Antoinette meets the Dodo-Gryphon of Mauritius on a trip, by Keri Powell

Well exploring mythical creatures, I removed one of my Norwegian trolls from the shelf. The little troll and I stared back at one another. I hadn’t really looked at this troll in years! I looked up to see if Ny form still created there are Norwegian trolls? Turns out they do!!! What excitement it was when I looked and found that there are giant troll statues that are still hanging around in various parts of Norway. A trip to Norway is in order with an added treasure hunt of finding these life-sized trolls. Another spark of imagination hit!

Trollstigen, Norway
Ny Form troll

After this I paged through from Brian Froud books on my shelf. Again, more inspiration! With the stream of synchronicities after my dream of the mythical creature and seeing patterns with David Lynch’s Masterclass on Creativity and Film, Rick Rubin’s newest book on creativity, and KA Applegate’s, ‘Animorphs’ series… an idea sparked about writing a fantasy fiction after ‘Five Nights in Marfa’ (the fiction thriller I am currently wrapping up) is released. I have 4,000 words left of edits, and then off to literary agents and publishers the thriller fiction goes! The inspiration in part for the next piece is inspired by the dream of the dodo-gryphon, and I cannot wait to get moving on it. I opened up Grimm’s fairy tales this morning and began some light prep (of course this is how the creative mind works right? Multi-taskers unite!!). The stories are fantastical and are grim indeed, but so fun to read!! If anyone has any recommendations on any other fantasy fiction short stories that are worth reading, please comment below.

With that, these are my thoughts and dreams decoded for the day. See you all next time.

K.K. Powell

Resources from vlog and blog

Information on Brian Froud


Ny Form Norwegian Trolls


Book – If Nietsche were a Narwhal – what animal intelligence reveals about human stupidity, by Justin Gregg


Book – Animorphs – The Invasion by KA Applegate


Book – The Creative Act – A way of being, by Rick Rubin


Sound Meditation – online platform –


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