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As discussed in the video blog on YouTube, there are many ways we can cut energetic ties with exes and/or how to just clear negative energy in general! See below for some tips, tricks, and ideas!

1. Take a shower or a bath.

– baths are typically great with epsom salts

– showers are great with a salt or root based scrub or just soap and water.

– the key is to visualize the persons energy falling off of you and going down the drain.

– also saying the phrase, “I give back to you what is yours, and I take back what is mine”, can also help while bathing, showering, and/or lighting a black or white candle.

2. Light a black or white candle

– black candles signify ridding of negative energy, strength, and protection.

– white candles are typically signifiers for prayer/protection.

– you can write with a nail into the candle to release “insert name”.

Then light the candle, and state, “I give back to you what is yours and I take back what is mine”.

– snuff the candle out, do not blow it out. Here is why : blowing out the candle is mixing the two elements of air and fire. Overpowering the air element over fire. While respecting the elements: we just want to use fire manifest something positive and/or rid of what is no longer needed. Not air! But air and/or wind can also be used.

See below for Sadhguru reference of wind bathing.

3. You can also burn palo santo, copal, sage, and/or frankincense to rid your home of their energy. Open the windows the incense or herbs have burned down and let the smoke carry out the energy with it.

4. Cord cutting ritual

– Get a piece of twine or string

– use the phrase again, “I take back what is mine, and I give you back what is yours.”.

– Let the flame burn the cord into two pieces and state, “I release you”.

Sadhguru talks about using wind bathing to clear negative energy.

– If it is a windy day you can let the wind blow against your back, front, and left side and right side. Visualize negative energy being blown away from you and cleared away from your body.

Lastly, using a rattle or a bell can also break up negative energy. A lot of shamans use this method as well.

There are many ways to release energetic ties. The goal is to be happy, which is everyone’s innate right. Feel free to use these whether it is a temporarily needed release of negative energy or a more permanent one.

-K. K. Powell

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