Leo full moon February 16, 2022 thoughts

Leo full moon 2/16/22

In awe of the full moon in true fashion I broke out my camera/phone. It was so bright that the light danced around, and left me with an angel among the stars.

We are over half way to Spring. Life continues. We love, we get hurt here and there, we set some boundaries, and then we love some more… because that is how life goes. We cannot limp on the leg that was once injured forever. We let it heal, and when the time is right… we run again but this time further and farther than we could ever before.

We have no other means than to heal. If we don’t heal, then our demise follows shortly thereafter. So heal. Life is meant to be enjoyed. We aren’t meant to dwell on the past. We aren’t meant to move forward by tearing one another down. We a meant to look forward to new beginnings. We are meant to work together. We are meant to be happy.

I have been sleeping with the cycles of nature lately. I love it. Winter is truly a time to rest. Who knows… maybe I just love to sleep in till seven or eight in the morning. But waking early on a summers day before the heat arrives is just as equally pleasant.

I have been eating with what is in season. Whilst reading an Alice Waters book, it seems more natural. For someone who really dislikes cooking… if you give me something interesting looking and just plucked from the farm or the sea then it’s a different story.

I suppose that it’s just in true fashion of everything that is ever changing including the seasons in general.

Cherries can be frozen to enjoy in the winter, but they never fall fresh from the tree all season.

A reminder to go with the flow.

Everything reaches it peak potential at some point, and then steps out of the limelight for something else to make way. We just have to trust that everything will work itself out. We may have to give a little elbow grease here and there… but it’s usually worth it. What worked yesterday, may not work today. But that’s okay! Maybe we learned a hard lesson, or maybe we learned a really fun lesson! We may have almost died (or felt like it anyways). We may have been scared out of our minds only to laugh it all off later.

It’s all a part of living life.

We all signed up for this… believe it or not.

((Insert maniacal laughter))

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