Happy New Moon!

Sitting on the deck in Todos Santos, BCS really makes you remember what is most important. Nature, writing poetry, dreaming, and sharing the love and adventure of it all with my partner.

We see whales nearly everyday. A pelican took rest near us, and didn’t seem to mind what we did. A sea turtle cooperative nearby helps release baby sea turtles frequently, and educates the community on them. Geckos watch from afar on the nights walls. Scorpions run to find shelter as soon as they see us. At sunset we stood in a flowing lagoon, and felt the waves of the ocean greet our feet halfway in between. A true yin and yang experience. Everyone and every being just kind of does their own thing, and everything lives in harmony. Everything just has its own flow.

We get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that we forget there are millions of stars above us every night, and the seas waves continue to crash everyday. The same ocean holds the young whales safely until they can take their long trip home with their mothers to Alaska.

Everyone needs a moment to pause.

We all breathe the same air, and we all share the same sky.

I will be sharing more art, and tidbits of writing in the future. But for now… I will continue to enjoy the town of Todos Santos. The people, the environs, the food… all of it! See you all when we return.

Honestly though… I could stay here forever!

Cloud sparrow takes flight over the sea in Todos Santos, BCS.

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