Crow Spirit

Crow Spirit- Talking to a friend recently, I had a dream about getting a horse. She said maybe I should borrow one. Then we both said at the same time…”unicorn”. Dreamland for creatives she said can be like a multi feature movie. Painting for me is often a trance like state… and whatever emerges… will emerge. That’s the joy of painting. ✨✨✨The crow spirit is about owning your own power, and creating. In my multi feature dream cast last night a woman gave me a crow brooch. I felt honored. Another woman walked in … and asked her to wash her hands. The woman scowled at her demand. When I woke up, I looked back to my paining this morning. I noticed a little man kneeling in prayer under a crow spirit. Perhaps something I will take with me today. All hail the crow spirit!!🖤🖤🖤 // acrylic on canvas // 11” x 14 “ // if interested in purchasing please email //

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