First art show in a few years!

First art show last night in a few years! It felt really good! It also almost didn’t happen. I ran a little tight on time, which ended up being right on time. This weekend I was also working, and on call (I’m also a visiting nurse for infusions). Luckily a very nice coworker of mine took call last night so I could do this.

So the day before the art show I frantically wired the backs of my paintings, and also ended up with a very busy shift which ended up being a 12 hour shift, with 3 calls from patients. I probably shouldn’t have waited to wore them… my inner clock was broken, okay? Then I worked all day before the art show. I was quite concerned about the possibility of not making the time cut off to get my paintings to the venue as well. But I made it there with an hour to spare!!! When I showed up to hang my paintings… there was no drywall available. I thought for sure I was screwed. I came back to the lady at front of house, and said there was no room left. I thought my goals were surely defeated. She told me to get creative! That’s what us artists do, right? So that is what I did. It worked out for the best!

The concrete wall I was on was also an ever flowing wall of several artists. We all got along great, talked about our art, our mediums, our inspirations, etc.. One guy said my art made him feel weird. This is GREAT! Because my art invoked an emotion, which is my goal. Another guy stared at the big eyed girl painting for a long time. He also commented that he may steal it! Pretty sure he was also really high on drugs. Also something which was a strange and beautiful compliment!! Another man said I should really try to hustle at least one painting. I said… oh you mean clobber them with this stick, and wrap these cords around them from the wall to make them buy? Consider it done! Rest assured no assaults happened during this art show. We did laugh a lot though!

A couple of friends came to support, and kept me company. While some artists focus was to sell, mine was purely to display… and see what happened!



Thanks to all those who showed up to support a fun and cool event!


(AKA K. K. Powell)

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