In this mornings weekend edition on NPR, they tell a story of Bonnie and Clyde. They put a face on them that goes beyond the judgements of many.

Doomed lovers, poets, do gooders for some during the Great Depression. According to the article in NPR anyhow. Which I gobbled up, and willingly fell down the rabbit hole of their love story.

Now their poems go for 10k a piece in an upcoming auction in Dallas. 10k a piece! I wonder if their bones and cracking and breaking in half as they roll in their graves!

They ran from place to place sometimes robbing a bank for a simple meal. Now one of their poems… one that Clyde called, “a flop”, goes for 10K!

Capitalism at its finest! Capitalizing on the history of doomed lovers, and starving artists.

Now, that being said… if I could afford it… you bet your butt that I would buy these to display them proudly! So perhaps my disdain is more jealousy! I hope whoever gets these gems really enjoys them, and shares them in art exhibits for all to see.

Access the article here: Bonnie and Clyde poems up for auction

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