A fog bow, a white rainbow, a little different than the typical rainbow. One can barely see it with the naked eye, and with sunglasses parts of it will start to appear. The camera catches shat our eyes cannot fully see. If shared, everyone can see just how wonderfully mysterious, and just how beautiful this really is.

I feel the same way about Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome. An extra chromosome. A third copy by chance. My first interaction was in elementary school. I was curious and assisted disabled kids during recess on certain days of the week. As an adult I helped disabled adults to cook, budget, shop, and how to interact with others. Later a friend would find out she was pregnant with a child with the extra chromosome. She feared of what was to come. I comforted her in knowing this child would be the most loyal and loving child in the world despite any physical and/or mental ailments.

My favorite disability. Down Syndrome. Like fog bows, people with Down syndrome are a little different than the regular rainbows. But, don’t let it fool you. There is some sort of magic in that extra chromosome. A beauty that not everyone is blessed to see. If you are lucky enough to catch it, you can really see how wonderful people with Down syndrome can really be. Happy Down syndrome awareness day! -K.K. Powell

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