the bunny

The Bunny

So camouflaged, yet so cute.

I remember my dog, and I getting lost in the back country for a while in Colorado. I could smell something ten times worse than a wet dog, and hear him shifting in the trees and canyons above. Likely a cougar stalking us. As if getting lost after giving a few rattlesnakes wide clearance wasn’t enough. I thought my dog would be the appetizer, and I would for all certainty be the main course. I am not the prayer type, but that day I asked for anything in the universe to help us get back in one piece.

My dog lunged forward, and out of the ground leaped a small bunny! I yelped! Already on edge, how couldn’t I with that surprise. The smell dissipated. I think he found something else or got bored of following us. We ran into a park ranger further down the trail who instead of fining us helped us find our way back. Compasses are good to have, and so are backpacks full of first aid supplies. A map would have been better.

Luck was on our side that day.

-K.K. Powell

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