Small fry

A minnow always sits close to shore. Isn’t he missing what is out in be open waters. Stories say it is smarter for the small fry to stay close to shore, otherwise his life will be short by the unlucky meeting with a big fish where he will meet his death. Wouldn’t it be better to live a short life knowing what else is out there than a long life at the safety of the shoreline. Is it fate that he is born to stay with all the others at the shoreline till he dies? Should he wait till he grows and is not the small fry and can become one of the big fish? Is he too eager making haste which will meet his death? Should he have patience to stay until he is stronger, or is it patience of waiting that will make him miserable? What if he keeps waiting, and dies waiting? What if he waits till he is stronger and avoids the likelihood of being eaten by a bigger fish. A fisherman can still call him dinner after he grows. Either way, he will meet his end. The minnow

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