Broken branches, and broken hearts

She walked down a wooded path amongst the Giants. One of them had fallen crashing to the ground.His arm broken, jagged, and open with sharpened edges. She put her hands around the sharp-edged branch, and pressed her warm cheek to the back of her cool hand. She could feel her heart beating through the tips of her fingers. She wished she could fix the freshly snapped shredded broken branch. As she opened her eyes she remembered that part of the giant tree was broken, but that did not mean he was broken. He will continue to grow, and become stronger. The warm embrace is always welcomed from a stranger passing by. What is broken is broken, but with a break comes a time for healing, and becoming stronger than before. IMG_1689 She continued down the path, and drew a sharp breath in. A fat slimy yellow cylindrical body moved under her feet. She thought it was part of a snake. The excitement left when she realized it was only a slug. You see…some are like slugs. They just slowly move, but always stay at the ground slowly moving along but seldom soar into the sky like one of the Giants. Some are snakes, exciting but can poison you. Or maybe their medicine can heal you.

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