Photos of the Southwest Canyons (Moab Arches, Bryce Canyon in Utah, and Sedona, Arizona, and Sequoia National Park in California)

Image Moab, Ut


Image Balance Rock
Moab, Utah


Image Moab, Utah
Excited to get on the road again!



Image Red Rock Canyon (I think?)
Outside of Bryce Canyon in Utah


Image Bryce Canyon, Utah
Image The hike to the peak area in Bryce Canyon, Utah
Image Bryce Canyon, Utah
Image Bryce Canyon, Utah
Image Bryce Canyon, Utah
Image Bryce Canyon
Image One would think this was shot in Sedona, AZ. It is actually near Bryce Canyon!
Image Lake Powell Dam, because it leads to my lake!


Image Sedona, AZ
One of my favorite places!


Image I sat on this rock to take a moment to think/meditate. I looked over to closer inspect the rock, and it was full of crystals!!
Sedona, AZ is like Disneyland for Keri Powell.
Image Sedona, AZ
Image Hananki Indian Cliff Dwellings.
Moon worship and orbs!
Image The Hananki Cliff Dwellings in Sedona, AZ. Moon worshipping, and orbs?


Image Look closer, grasshopper! Sedona, AZ.


Image I am in love…with Sedona, AZ.
Image Sedona, AZ
Image The walk with the giants! Sequoia National Park, California.
Image A sequoia next to a normal sized tree!
Image Sequoia Nat’l Park and I.
Image Sequoia Highway
Image Playing with light. Sequoia roots.
Image Sequoia Nat’l Park
Image The Giant! Sequoia Nat’l Forest

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