💚 A poem for the times 💚

💚 a poem for the times 💚

A new path in life.
Be forewarned
Knocked off balance
When fear comes
Don’t rain on your own parade
While you redefined what you desire from people…
Much to your surprise,
You burned a lot of bridges.
Everyone adapts,
Take a tiny step forward.
Life is really about taking your experiences …
and showing up as a human being.
to fully ground.
If anything…
Trust yourself.

-Keri Powell

I know this year has been tough in many ways. We have been tested collectively in so many facets. We have struggled with the ongoing pandemic. We have fought the continued war of the oppression, misogyny, hate, and fear with love, compassion, and firm boundaries.

It is a good time to think about dismissing what no longer serves us, and manifesting what will. We need this more than ever in order to continue speaking our truth. We can let darkness pull us under, or we can look for the light. We lean in, with stamina, and resilience. We go with the flow just enough for the current of the ocean to not take us under.
We adapt, and remain flexible enough to not break into a thousand pieces.

When things get tough,

don’t forget to B R E A T H E.


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